Why buy a 3D Floor Plan?

Why buy a 3D Floor Plan?It is fast becoming common practice in the housing industry for marketed properties to be advertised with a comprehensive and professional 3D Floor Plan provided. It is widely regarded as beneficial to all parties concerned because a floor plan is a useful tool for those searching for property to buy or rent, helping to get properties off the market at a much higher rate than they would have done otherwise while saving the landlord or property seller time and effort. Even though the benefits are felt prominently by providing a 2D Floor Plan, it is when a 3D Floor Plan is provided that properties can reach their full potential on the market.

3D Floor Plans feature all of the technical details which are displayed on a 2D Floor Plan. This means it is also a scale drawing displaying important information accurately such as room diameter, the number and location of rooms, restrooms, stairways, doors, windows etc. They also both provide the viewer with an appreciation of the potential of the property but this benefit is much more prominent in the 3D Floor Plan.

3D Floor Plans can achieve integration between detailed specifications and pictorial imagery which cannot be supplied with either a 2D Floor Plan or a photograph alone. This is because visual elements such as types of appliances, wall colour, furniture size and location as well as general decorations and themes can be applied to give the most detailed and accurate version of your property for potential homebuyers and tenants to view.

In the modern age it is becoming increasingly important to dazzle your clients, whether they are viewing your property in person or are inspecting printed advertisements, emails, brochures or websites. A scenario explaining where a 3D Floor Plan is beneficial would be that if someone is looking to relocate a long distance from their current residence and is unable to arrange a personal viewing, providing a 3D Floor Plan would help to remedy this dilemma. It also means that by not having the plan, you would be cutting out a portion of the market simply because they were unable to see all of the details that they would require to reassure them they were making the right choice. This problem would be a thing of the past just by commissioning a simple document which could be sent via email, posted on a website, or used as part of a brochure or printed advert.

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