Why a Boiler Service is Essential

Some people may questions why a boiler services is essential. Although not legally forced upon the home owner, it is highly recommended that you look to book an annual boiler service. If your boiler has been showing signs of wear and tear recently, such as not burning properly or has been making uncharacteristically loud noises, then there is every possibility that you and your family are at risk. If this is the case then it is absolutely vital that you arrange a boiler service right away to give you peace of mind this winter. Here are the reasons why a boiler service is absolutely essential.

A reason why a boiler services is essential is because a boiler consumes more energy and is used more often than any other home appliance and therefore it is an absolute necessity to see to it that any faults are fixed. Failure to get your boiler regularly serviced can lead to the leaking of harmful gases. Breathing in such gases can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a potentially fatal diagnosis. Minor faults that exist in your boiler can also escalate and lead to expensive breakdowns. If you feel your boiler is not performing to its usual standards and you are beginning to feel the chills of winter then a boiler service is most likely the solution. The boiler service involves a thorough inspection of all your boilers components, including its heat exchanger and ignition. The procedure will take approximately 30-45 minutes. All of the engineers we quote at My London Tradesmen are Gas Safe registered and guarantee to provide a boiler service that is of the highest quality, get in contact with us right away.

Fill out our online form and leave it to My London Tradesmen to contact different trade companies on your behalf. We will then provide you with up to three quotes based upon the information you included in your form. Once you have decided which engineer is most adept to complete your job, expect a visit within 48 hours. After the completion of your boiler service, expect to see immediate results as your boiler system becomes noticeably more efficient. Expect significant savings in energy bills and in repair costs and realise just why a boiler service is essential.

Boiler Service