What is a MagnaClean Filter?

Are you thinking, ‘What is a MagnaClean Filter?’. The magnetic central heating filter, commonly referred to as the MagnaClean filter, is a small unit that can be fitted into your boiler system to eliminate potentially damaging metallic debris that have accumulated. Once installed, the filter will also prevent any reoccurrence of such materials and is guaranteed to survive as long as your boiler.

The MagnaClean filter is much less complicated than it sounds. The filter magnetizes 99.9% of all metallic material, such as iron oxide, that inhabits your boiler. Iron oxide is notoriously difficult to deal with and can be seriously detrimental to your entire central heating system. Pipes can become blocked and this will significantly increase the chances of a complete boiler breakdown occurring. To save you from the time, cost and effort that it would take to oversee a new boiler installation, it is therefore imperative you look to get a MagnaClean filter installed.

If your boiler system has developed faults such as a noisy boiler, cold radiator spots or erratic variations in water temperature then it is most likely that you require the installation of a MagnaClean filter. It will not take long for you to witness the benefits of getting a MagnaClean filter installed. Most noticeable will be your now reduced energy bills as a result of the increased efficiency of your heating system. The filter is long lasting and is guaranteed to help extend the lifespan of your boiler. For our trained and experienced professionals the installation will be a quick and seemingly effortless process.

What is a MagnaClean Filter? Well now you know, get your very own filter installed, fill out our online form and My London Tradesmen guarantees to reply within 48 hours. After contacting various companies, My London Tradesmen will send you three quotes of the most pertinent tradesmen to complete your MagnaClean filter installation. It is then up to you to decide which engineer to employ.

MagnaClean Filter