What Exactly Does a Boiler Service Involve?

You may have been advised that you need a boiler service. If you are unsure about what exactly a boiler services involves this article aims to make the whole process clearer.

Your boiler maintenance is something which most people are not properly equipped to deal with themselves. Therefore Gas Boilers Servicing strongly recommend that you use one of our expert engineers, who are fully trained and have extensive experience at servicing boilers. Moreover, our engineers receive ongoing training throughout their careers to make sure that they are kept up to date with all the latest technology and boiler developments.

During a boiler service, one of Gas Boilers Servicing skilled engineers will clean and inspect the main parts of your boiler. They shall also check that the gas is at the correct pressure and that all the boiler controls are working properly and efficiently. Our engineers shall also verify that the flue is clear and that there are no unsafe obstructions.  Furthermore, they will identify any problems or issues with your boiler, such as any potential gas leaks.

Gas Boilers Servicing strongly recommend having an annual boiler service. If you are a landlord then an annual service is a legal requirement in order to ensure the safety of your tenants. It is important to have a boiler service, as if you identify small problems earlier on, they can be easily repaired, preventing the problems from escalating into larger issues and costly repairs.

Gas Boilers Servicing offers boiler service in all areas of London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Middlesex.

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