What does a MagnaClean Filter do?

You may ask ‘what does a magnaclean filter do?’. A MagnaClean filter can be attached to your central heating system as a method of eliminating sludge material that threatens to block the flow of water. Blockages within your central heating system can lead to a number of different problems such as; a fluctuating water temperature, cold radiator spots and loud boiler noises. If your boiler is ever to breakdown, which will happen if these faults are ignored, then the process of replacing your entire boiler will be both time consuming and extremely expensive. Contact My London Tradesmen today to avoid such a scenario. So what exactly does a MagnaClean filter do?

The installation of a MagnaClean filter is a simple and effortless procedure that is guaranteed to eliminate virtually 100% of suspended magnetic debris. Iron oxide that accumulates in the system can cause corrosion, rusting and blockages. Even a small build up of iron oxide particles within the system is enough to cause substantial efficiency loss and serious damage to your boiler. The filter will trap all magnetic sludge material that flows through your pipes, leaving behind a clear flow of water.

What does a MagnaClean Filter do? The benefits of having a MagnaClean filter installed are impossible not to notice. First and foremost, your central heating system will become much more efficient, ensuring that hot water is easily accessible over the winter period. Another result of this efficiency increase is the decline of your energy bills. If you want to save money in repair costs and in energy bills then booking a filter installation is a no-brainer.

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MagnaClean Filter