Think its just a Flu? It May actually be Carbon Monoxide Poisoning……

At some point or another we’ve all experienced the symptoms of flu: drowsiness, light-headedness lethargy and headaches. Disturbingly evidence of these symptoms can often mean that it may not be the flu you’re suffering from, but something much more serious.

If you have recently had your gas cooker installed or disconnected or if your gas cooker hasn’t been serviced in a while then the cause may be a result of a gas leak. When a gas leak is present within a home, toxic carbon monoxide gas is released into the surroundings. Notably carbon monoxide is often dubbed as ‘the silent killer’ a very apt name as the gas is colourless, tasteless and invisible to the naked eye. Not only is the invisible nature of this gas threatening but its non-specific symptoms such as headaches and drowsiness can also be related to the flu making it difficult to diagnose. In severe cases and longer exposure to carbon monoxide the poisoning can lead to more serious symptoms such as brain damage, internal organ damage and in the worst case- death.

As the above section expresses, the consequences of carbon monoxide can be extremely detrimental especially if it is not diagnosed early. So how can you keep you and your family safe from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide gas? Well one sure-fire way to prevent the chance of carbon monoxide presence in your home is by making sure that your gas appliances are fitted by Gas Safe qualified engineers. Gas Safe trained engineers have the experience and qualifications when it comes to gas appliance connections. By using a Gas Safe engineer you will surely minimise the risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide presence in your property.

So why expose yourself to the dangers of carbon monoxide? Here at Fitting a Cooker we are able to have your gas cooker installed safely and securely by one of our Gas Safe certified engineers.


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