The Great Cooker Bake Off!: Gas vs. Electric

Alas the end has come for BBC2’s The Great British Bake Off. The last ten weeks have seen a medley of talented cooks from all different backgrounds making mouth-watering dishes competing for the title of Great British baker and it was last Tuesday that John Whaite former law student and ‘showstopper’ cake extraordinaire was crowned Great British Baker of series three.

Undeniably all ten cooks have an incredible amount of skill and talent when it comes to whipping up hearty meals and sumptuously sweet desserts. But it can also be said that the tools of the trade markedly contribute to the quality of the food delivered. A long running debate amongst cooks and baking enthusiasts which has emerged since the advent of electric cookers, is whether the electric cooker is the better option to cooking over gas fuelled cookers. As with anything in life the preferred method all comes down to personal choice. However there are certain benefits and disadvantages when it comes to both gas and electric .

Most electric ovens have a self cleaning system, whilst new gas cooker models also include this feature the appliance is often more expensive. However it could be argued that the accumulative costs of an electric cooker are more than that of a gas cooker. This is because a gas cooker uses less energy, is cheaper to run and typically has a longer life span than the electric cooker.

Electric cookers are often considered to be very convenient as they heat the food items evenly. However if you like to bake gas is better as natural gas contains a large amount of water. This means your breads and pastries will have more time to rise before the crust forms resulting in a lighter texture.

Ultimately when it comes to energy conservation, money saving and making the lightest and fluffiest of bakes – the gas cooker wins! So for all you bakers looking for a gas cooker installation Fitting a Cooker services can definitely be of assistance we can offer you a free quotation and competitive price packages. Our Engineers are 100% Gas Safe certified and have extensive experience when it comes to cooker installations.

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