The Benefits of a Flame Failure Device

The benefits of a flame failure device are numerous and can potentially save lives. A flame failure device must be installed into all gas appliances, including cookers and hobs, according to the gas legislation introduced in 2008. This especially applies to residents living in flats and multi-dwelling buildings, however semi-detached and detached properties are also recommended to have the feature installed. A cooker flame failure device is installed in to a gas cooker or built-in hob to prevent harmful gases spreading into the atmosphere, in case the flame is extinguished. It automatically detects whenever the flame is blown out and immediately stops the main gas supply.

In a gas cooker the flame failure device uses a thermocouple, which is connected to an electromagnetic valve in the gas supply line. An electrical current is able to pass through to the valve and the gas supply to the appliance stays open, as long as the thermocouple remains hot. As soon as the flame extinguishes, the thermocouple goes cold and the current no longer runs, as well as the valve being turned off. For a hob, the same principle is applied. Gas cookers and hobs on the market are now available with flame failure devices, therefore it is crucial to double check that your new appliance does include it. Legally, if you live in a flat or a multi-dwelling building, your appliances must have a flame failure device so you will benefit from the benefits of a flame failure device by avoiding being told you cannot install your cooker.

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The benefits of a flame failure device are endless. All tradesmen that are suggested to you are trustworthy, receive up-to-date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. The steps to take are simple, in order to fit a flame failure device to protect you and your home.