Reasons for having a PAT test

Portable Appliance Tests (PAT Tests) are a common feature of many health and safety plans and if you are a landlord or a business owner then the chances are that you have either heard of or commissioned a PAT test for your property. This is largely because PAT tests are a simple and effective method of keeping your employees and tenants safe from electrical and fire damage while they are occupying your property. This and many other reasons are reasons for having a PAT test

There are a couple of key reasons for having a PAT test, they have become an almost unwritten rule and necessity. Chief among these are the fact that PAT tests were essentially tailor made to ensure that all of the portable electrical appliances in a workplace or rental accommodation are safe for the occupants to use and that they conform to the relevant safety regulations.  By having a PAT test, you will prove that you have taken the appropriate steps to ensure your electrical appliances will not cause injury to whoever uses them. If you have supplied equipment such as TVs, computers, monitors, printers, kettles, microwaves etc. as part of office or leased equipment, you must ensure they are properly tested or you will be held accountable should they cause injury or damage. The most effective way of doing this is to have a PAT test.

Another reason for having a pat test is that it includes a wide variety of musical appliances which will need to be checked for safety in the same way a computer would be. As gigs are usually paid, the government views electrical instruments and equipment used to perform as work tools and must conform to the legal requirements. Venues are now making sure they are completely safe by refusing to allow non-electrical appliance tested equipment to be used in their property. If you are a musician and use such equipment as electric guitars, lighting, amps, microphones, sound recording equipment, mix desks etc. when you are performing, a PAT test will ensure you can play in any Venue you are invited to.

In order to ensure you are complying with government legislation, take the first steps towards taking a PAT test by filling in our online form. My London Tradesmen will then contact companies on your behalf and return with up to 3 quotes. This will allow you to make an informed decision regarding which tradesman to employ based on the quotes you have received.

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