Range Cooker Installation

Large and spacious, the range cooker was once only featured in busy restaurant kitchens, however it has now moved from the restaurant environment and into the domestic home, so there has definitely been an increase in range cooker installation. A range cooker looks very similar to a free standing cooker and retains the same features such as the hob and cooker however it is much larger than the free standing cooker and it features a minimum of two oven spaces and typically contains five or more hobs allowing you to cook multiple dishes at a single time –great for Christmas day!

If you need a range cooker installation. Fitting a cooker can be of assistance to you. We understand that it may be overwhelming having to deal with the installation process of such a large appliance, but we are here to help. As with all cooker installations it is important that the range cooker installation is implemented by a Gas Safe registered engineer as they will have the knowledge of how to install the range cooker accurately.

A range cooker installation process is similar to that of a free standing cooker. The valve must be switched off and the appliance will then be connected to the gas supply by a flexible gas hose pipe. The connection will be made secure by the bayonet fitting. With a range cooker installation it is recommend  that a gap of 2.5mm is left at either side of the cooker, simply to be able to manoeuvre the cooker into place.

Fitting a Cooker hire only Gas Safe registered engineers who will be able to offer you a competitive rate for your range cooker installation. We provide an efficient and professional service and we are able to book you an appointment 24-48 hrs after your call.

Gas Cooker Installation