Put Your Range Cooker To Use With Some Winter Food Comforts

As the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting longer, more and more of us have ditched the outdoors activities in favour of snuggling up on our sofas at home and catching up on the latest TV serials and films. And what better way to accompany those winter nights than traditional home cooked meals. Soups stews, casseroles, roasts and crumble desserts have all resurfaced after a dismal summer and are just waiting to be prepared in your range cooker!

Here, a forum member shares their results from an apple crumble recipe originally written by Nigella Lawson from her book ‘How to Eat’ Link. Another great winter time edition is the classic chocolate cake. Martha Stewart shares her recipe here: Link I think we can all agree that the cakes certainly look very appetizing! It can be said that the result of the finished food product is not just down to quality ingredients and the chefs’ expertise, but it also depends on the standard of the tools such as the used to cook and prepare the dish.

If we revisit Martha Stewart’s moist devil food cake recipe then we can see that it is a multi-layered cake. When it comes to preparing various sections of a cake such as this one at any one time the ideal cooker for this is the range cooker. The range cooker is a great item to have in the household when it comes to preparing numerous dishes or multiple elements of one dish such as the chocolate devil food cake. The range cooker is visually similar to a free standing cooker and retains the same features such as the hob and cooker. However it is notably larger than the free standing cooker and it features a minimum of two oven spaces and typically contains five or more hobs. These multiple cooking spaces allow the owner to cook various food items simultaneously.

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