Power Flushing Machine

A power flushing machine can be connected to your central heating system to flush away all undesirable material that threatens to damage your system. Due to the constant flow of water, you will discover that a build-up of sludge is causing your radiator pipes to rust. Rust, limescale and other corrosive materials are seriously reducing the efficiency of your central heating system and are likely to one day trigger an entire breakdown. If you are looking to avoid the costs of replacing your boiler, it is highly recommended you book a power flushing service.

The procedure is far less complicated than it sounds. A power flushing machine is attached to the most convenient area of your central heating system; most commonly found at the tails of the radiator. Water and specially formulated chemicals are then pumped vigorously throughout the system in order to dislodge any blockages. The procedure usually takes between 4 and 8 hours and is by far the most effective method of expelling unwanted material from your central heating system. If you are looking to arrange a power flushing service for your very own central heating system, My London Tradesman is able to help.

Get in contact with My London Tradesman now by completing our online form. We will contact a number of tradesmen on your behalf and then provide you with quotes of the three engineers best suited to complete your power flushing job. Following the job, you will soon begin to reap the rewards of getting in contact with My London Tradesman. The flush will significantly increase the efficiency of your system, which will result in reduced energy bills. Any faults that were detected will be fixed and you can be sure that there will be no cold nights during the winter period. Your boiler will work to its optimum efficiency for many years to come. All engineers that we quote are fully trained and highly experienced in operating power flushing machines. Your service will be of the up most quality, that is our guarantee.

Power Flush