Power Flush

A chemical power flush is by far the most effective way of cleaning out your heating system and preventing the premature failure of pumps and valves. If having a warmer more energy efficient home is something that you are interested in then this is the service for you. Over many years sludge, limescale, dirt and rust accumulates in your heating system, if not removed this can corrode the copper in your pipes and lead to having to replace your system sooner than expected. Many of our customers at Gas Boilers Servicing are actually recent home owners, as it is now a legal requirement to have a power flush before getting a warranty for a new boiler to remove any back iron oxide contamination. In only four to eight hours a power flush can help you restore heat output, stop circulation problems and prevent noisy boilers.

A power flush will save you money on your energy bills, something which most of our customers greatly appreciate in this harsh economic climate. We are proud to offer you great value for money on all of our products. When it comes to the safety and security of your home we are the right company for you. Our excellent service is reflected in our impressive 95% customer approval rate.

As well as power flushes all of our engineers are also qualified to fit the MagnaClean filter to your system. This breakthrough invention by Chris Adey has the ability to filter both magnetic and non-magnetic particles from your system, leaving your pipes clear of debris and working at full capacity. According to Adey this service should remove almost “100% of suspended magnetic debris’ from your central heating system.”

Gas Boilers Servicing is the one source for all of your plumbing, gas and heating needs. We offer trustworthy, personal and informative advice, so why not contact us today to arrange a power flush with one of our local engineers and find out more the large range of services we offer….

Power Flushing