Power Flush Central Heating System

Have you had any noisy boiler problems? Or perhaps you have many cold spots on your radiators that aren’t heating up? Power flush central heating system could possibly be a cure to these problems. Often after time, your heating system corrodes, and metallic and non metallic particles can run through the heating system and build up. This build up is sludge and can block parts of your heating system, preventing it from working efficiently and causing further problems. Power flushing prevents these problems from arising by clearing the build up of sludge in your heating system.

A lot of heating companies have identified that central heating sludge is one of the most common problems associated with central heating systems and power flush central heating system can help these problems and improve the energy efficiency of your heating system.

If at the end of your power flush, the water is clear; then the power flush is deemed as successful. If there is hardened sludge that cannot be dislodged from a power flush, this does not mean the power flush is unsuccessful, it simply means that you may have to look at other means to remove the hardened sludge. Alternatively, you can always install a magnaclean filter so that in the future should the sludge dislodge, it will be caught by the filter and will no re-enter the heating system so you would not need another power flush central heating system.

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Power Flush