Portable Electrical Appliance Testing (PAT Test): FAQs

What is Portable Electrical Appliance Testing? Here you will find out in our Portable Electrical Appliance Testing (PAT Test): FAQs

Portable Electrical Appliance Testing is a vital aspect of any Health and Safety plan prepared for your business or property. The testing will feature visual and electrical inspections of appliances such as electric kettles, PCs, fridges, printers, photocopiers and even vending machines.

Is a PAT test a legal requirement?

There is no legal requirement to have Portable Electrical Appliance Testing carried out in your property, however, it is the most efficient and practical method of ensuring your appliances conform to various Health and Safety and Electrical Appliance legislations.

How is Portable Electrical Appliance Testing carried out?

There will be a visual inspection of the appliances carried out in order to check for general wear and tear such as any cracks in the plug casing as well as in the flex of the appliance. There will also be an inspection to ensure that the wiring and the fuse have been installed correctly and appropriately for the appliance. The next part of the testing will involve electrical testing with the intensity depending largely on the environment the appliances are used in.

How long will a PAT test take?

The length of time it can take to have portable electrical appliance testing performed in your business or residence varies depending on how many appliances require testing.

How often should I have a PAT test?

There are no established rules regarding the frequency of portable electrical appliance testing. It should be taken into account when deciding when to repeat the PAT test the likelihood of any damage having occurred to the wiring, cables and fuses of the portable electrical appliances as well as the safety of the environment which they are used in. From here you can generally work out a time frame to have re-testing done and ensuring you comply with Health and Safety regulations.

What objects are covered in Portable Electrical Appliance Testing?

Portable Electrical Appliance Testing covers the vast majority of electrical appliances. It ranges from electric kettles, PCs and laptops, to larger appliances such as printers, monitors and fridges.

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