Portable Appliance Testing PAT

Portable Appliance Testing PAT, though not a legal requirement, has been labelled by the Government as the best way to ensure that any workplace, commercial or private property, complies with the relevant guidelines for an electrically safe environment. By undergoing Portable Appliance Testing, you are ensuring that you have taken necessary steps to avoid potential injury to employees or tenants by ensuring all Portable Appliances have been officially checked and certified as safe for use.

Portable Appliance Testing PAT is a useful tool in ensuring that all Portable Electrical Appliances such as electric kettles, fridges, PCs, printers, monitors, extension leads, drills etc. are safe for use and will not malfunction, causing injury to the user. It also covers some larger electrical appliances such as vending machines and photocopiers as well, which makes PAT testing an essential part of Health and Safety plans for any commercial or private property.

Appliances will be tested in two stages which ensure that all Portable Electrical Appliances are of sufficient safety levels for continued use. The level of the testing will be dependent on the likelihood of the appliance developing a fault. There will be a visual test to check if there has been any damage to the appliance casing as well as an inspection of the plugs to check if the correct fuse and wiring have been used. The second part of the Portable Appliance Testing PAT features electrical tests, and a Pass or Fail sticker will be issued based on the results of these inspections. There will usually be a report produced to accompany the Portable Appliance Test Certificate, which provides feedback for each appliance test.

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PAT Test