PAT test: Visual testing

PAT test: Visual testing lays across many health and safety regulations. Health and Safety regulations in the United Kingdom require every landlord and employer to ensure that those who occupy their property are safe from electrical appliance related injuries. The most effective method of ensuring this is to have a PAT test carried out by a qualified electrical appliance tester. It is important to know how to store and maintain your portable appliances so that you can greatly improve your chances of successfully completing the PAT test.

In the first stage of the PAT test: Visual testing , there will be several aspects which the tester will consider before moving on to the electrical testing stage. Initially, consideration will be taken over the suitability of the appliance for the environment it is used in as well as the nature of the work which will be carried out on it. There will then be an inspection to ensure such issues as; cables being situated in places which may cause damage, appliances not receiving enough ventilation and causing over-heating, cables stretched to put the appliance in its current position, appliance proximity to water sources leading to potentially hazardous situations, over application of multi-cord adapters and utilization of plug sockets which are not easily accessible have been avoided in order to pass the visual inspection stage of the PAT test.

The second stage of the PAT test: Visual testing will take into account the physical condition of the portable appliances. This will include an inspection of the flex cable to see if there are any cracks or exposed wires, that there are no issues in the socket outlet, the appliance will be checked for any general wear and tear, and the plug head will be inspected to make sure the electrical appliance has been wired properly and utilizes the correct fuse. A great deal of the visual element of the PAT test is a basic common sense approach to utilizing appliances safely, and in order to pass the visual aspect of the assessment, simply ensure that none of your appliances are kept in any of the conditions outlined above.

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PAT Test