PAT Test NW1 Camden

As part of your health and safety plans in your NW1 Camden property, you should strongly consider having a PAT test of your electric portable appliances. If you have not had a PAT test, you could be putting your employees or tenants’ personal safety at risk. You could also be running the risk of legal action should an accident occur and it is proven you have not complied with health and safety regulations. Having a PAT test regularly is an easy and cost effective method of ensuring that all of the electrical appliances in your property are safe for everyday use.

PAT tests are not only for landlords or business owners. If you are a musician who performs regularly, it is worth your time to make sure that your electrical musical equipment is safe. This is due to the fact that Venues are realising that unsafe musical equipment from the musicians they hire in could invalidate their own PAT test and make them accountable should an accident happen. As a result, some musicians in the NW1 Camden area of London are being turned away from gigs. This can be prevented by having a PAT test carried out on your electrical musical equipment.

If you have supplied any of the following items in your rented property or office space in NW1 Camden then you should have regular PAT tests carried out to ensure electrical injury and fire damage does not occur. PAT tested equipment includes: computers, monitors, fridges, printers, televisions, microwaves, coffee machines, vending machines and any electrical appliance under 18kg. If you are a musician in NW1 Camden, then your PAT test will include such items as: amplifiers, microphones, lighting, sound recording equipment, mix desks, keyboards, cables, stereo systems, speakers and much more.

If you haven’t had any recent tests on your electrical appliances in NW 1 Camden and feel your Health and Safety plans are not up to scratch, then fill in our online form requesting a PAT test and My London Tradesmen will contact companies on your behalf. You will then be provided with up to 3 quotes which will allow you to decide which tradesman to employ.

All of the tradesmen we use have received up to date training and are registered will all the necessary bodies. We only use reputable and trustworthy tradesmen.

PAT Test