Making the correct Gas Cooker Connection

Making the correct Gas Cooker Connection depends on the type of cooker and, specifically, what fuel the cooker is tailored to run on. A gas cooker connection is most successful when it is near the fuel supply, and when correctly fitted by a qualified Gas Safe engineer, it will work properly and efficiently. In some cases, the brand and method that the appliance is powered by, fares in relation to the owners’ cooking habits. Therefore it is important to be sure of what type of cooker is suitable for the property and your needs.

A typical gas cooker connection, particularly with freestanding cookers, involves using a flexible gas hose pipe and connecting this to the gas supply. In addition, a stability chain will attach the rear of the appliance to the wall to prevent a leak if the appliance is pulled out. The final stage of making the correct gas cooker connection is checking that the seal on the bayonet is tightened securely to prevent gas escaping.

A range gas cooker is much larger than a freestanding unit, however engineers tend to recommend using a dual fuel range, so that it utilises both gas and electric supplies for varied cooking. The range gas cooker connection process is similar with freestanding, whereby the bayonet attachment at the end of the flexible hose pipe is attached to the power supply. At the start of any gas cooker connection process, the gas valve must be switched off and the room must be well ventilated. After installation, the appliance goes through a safety check by the engineer to check for leaks and that everything is in working order.

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