Magnetic Central Heating Filter Installation

Installing a magnetic central heating filter into your central heating system will guarantee to remove 100% of unwanted magnetic debris that has accumulated in the boiler. Following a power flush, it is strongly recommended that you look to protect your boiler from the contamination of further damaging material. The magnetic cleaner will attract and collect any rogue debris that lies within the system and will also permanently intercept any debris that attempts to resurface. It is vital for all home owners to install a magnetic central heating filter within their boiler as failing to do so will risk causing serious damage to your central heating system.

It only takes a small quantity of iron oxide to build up within the system to leave your boiler on the verge of breakdown. If iron oxide is present in your system your boiler will not only perform inadequately but will also cost more to run. Common problems that occur as the result of a build up of iron oxide are; loud boiler noises, the boiler taking a long to time to warm up, radiator cold spots and an unsatisfactory water temperature. This is why it is essential to install a magnetic central heating filter into your system as a preventative measure to the build up of potentially damaging materials.

Benefits of installing the magnetic filter include; simple installation and servicing, long operational life, reduced carbon emissions and immediate results that will be impossible not to notice. The magnetic central heating filter is nearly guaranteed to survive for as long as your boiler runs and requires minimal annual maintenance. Because of this, the filter is easily the most effective and efficient way of eradicating potential threats to your heating system.

Installing a magnetic central heating filter into your central heating system is by far the most economical way of preserving the life of your central heating system and is highly recommended to all home owners. Just fill out our online form and My London Tradesmen will contact companies on your behalf. We will provide you with 3 quotes, allowing you to decide which tradesman is best equipped to complete the job. As your heating system becomes more efficient and your energy bills decline you will truly appreciate the installation of the magnetic filter.

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