Leaking Radiator

It is often tempting to ignore seemingly trivial household problems such as a leaking radiator. However, to do this would be a grave mistake, as if left to escalate these issues will only get more severe over time. By confronting any boiler or heating problems sooner you are far more likely to be able to find quick, simple and cheap solutions. Cleaning out your system with a power flush, or adding a new part (such as a MaganClean magnetic filter) is far simpler and less expensive than replacing your entire system.

Leaking radiators can cause damage to your floorboards and carpets. Furthermore, a leaking radiator is often a sign that your central heating system has become coated with sludge, iron oxide and limescale, which is a far more serious problem. This sludge and sediment can reduce the surface area of your pipes or even block the flow of water. It can also cause your copper pipes to corrode, rotting your system from the inside out. Gas Boilers Services’ hardworking and experienced engineers are all equipped to rectify these problems and have the technical equipment and knowhow to do so.

At Gas Boiler Services we believe that customer satisfaction is extremely important. We therefore strive to provide you with the best possible service. But you don’t have to just take our word on this. Roger Fidero from Uxbridge thought that Gas Boilers Servicing had a “great all round service- 10 out of 10” and Simon Mendez from Ruislip said “thank you for an excellent job, helpful office staff and competent engineers”.

Here at Gas Boilers Servicing we specialise in fixing all of your heating problems. So if you are in need of fixing a leaking radiator, noisy boiler or a poor supply of hot water then why don’t you entrust one of our professional engineers to help you. We offer extremely competitive rates and are more than happy to schedule a visit around the optimum time for our customers. This even included evenings and weekends! You can arrange an appointment today by calling us on…..or simply give us an email to arrange a free quotation.

Power Flushing