Installing a Gas Cooker

Ok picture the scenario. You come home from work starving and you’re about to prepare one of your favourite meals when you realise you can smell gas! In this day and age an elemental domestic appliance breaking down on you is not something you would usually expect. However if you do not have your gas cooker installed properly then you can risk breakdowns. Installing a gas cooker doesn’t need to be a complicated issue with Fitting a Cooker services.

Installing a gas cooker incorrectly can cause breakdowns but it also leaves you at risk of gas leaks which release toxic Carbon Monoxide gas into the atmosphere. The danger of Carbon monoxide poisoning is that it is difficult to identify as most people don’t suspect that they have a release of Carbon Monoxide in their homes due to its nature as a colourless, odourless gas that seeps into the air we breathe.

Jolynne Hudnell discusses her experience of CO poisoning. She states that: My symptoms began with a severe headache that progressed to more of a pressure. There was one spot inside the top left of my head that felt like someone had lodged a small fist in there….After nearly a month of suffering, I began to experience frequent confusion, irritability and forgetfulness. I cried often for nearly 3 days.” Jolynne’s awful experience truly highlights the damaging physical and mental effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

You may be asking yourself how can I avoid this horrific experience when installing a gas cooker? This answer to this is simple: ALWAYS use a Gas Safe registered engineer to install your gas appliance. Gas Safe approved engineers may cost more than a family or friends recommended engineer, but this is because their initial training costs with Gas Safe allow then engineer to gain all the knowledge and expertise they require when installing a gas cooker.
At Fitting a Cooker you can rest assured that all of our engineers are experienced and Gas Safe approved. So why take chances when it comes to yours’ and your family’s’ health? Installing a gas cooker doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Gas Cooker Installation