Install a Gas Cooker

If you need to install a gas cooker then look no further! Here at Fitting a Cooker we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our gas cooker installations. With previous domestic jobs; you may have had negative experiences with free lance workers that perform improper fixtures, turn up late or don’t even turn up to start the job! At Fitting a Cooker we believe that this seriously unprofessional behaviour is deeply unfair to the paying customer. We strive to create an excellent thorough and efficient service and our 90% customer approval rate evidences are values of customer service.

As a word of warning, although it is tempting to undertake the job yourself, this is very inadvisable  In a post-modern online age, there are many forums and websites which provide DIY instructions to complete home-ware jobs. Taking on a DIY job can be a good option when it comes to redecorating your home putting up shelves or assembling flat pack furniture. But when it comes to gas related work it is always recommended that you employ an engineer that is on the Gas Safe register.

When an engineer begins to install a gas cooker certain provisions have to be taken. These include an adequately ventilated room and ensuring that the valve is switched off. Furthermore, if you are looking to install a gas cooker it is always encouraged that you employ a Gas Safe registered engineer to complete the job. With regards to cooker installation the saying ‘You pay cheap you pay twice’ definitely rings true. Moreover, is it really worth risking your life to save some extra money?

Don’t put a price on your life. If you need to install a gas cooker, we here at Fitting a Cooker are able to provide you with a Gas Safe registered engineer who has the experience and confidence to install a gas cooker.

Gas Cooker Installation