How to Power Flush a Heating System

When thinking how to power flush a heating system, unless you are qualified, it is not a good idea to do it yourself as you can damage your heating system rather than fix it if it is not done properly. A Power flush is when a power flush machine is connected to your heating system and it flushes out all of the sludge and debris in your heating system. Over time, the metal in your heating system can corrode due to the constant flow of water and metallic and non metallic particles can become loose and travel through your heating system. Once this debris builds up, it becomes sludge and this can block vital parts of your heating system causing it to be inefficient and causing further problems in your heating system.

During a power flush, the engineer will ensure that each radiator is flushed by flushing through then isolating each radiator ensuring the sludge is passed through to the next. Once this has been done, the engineer will add neutralising crystals to return the heating system fluid back to a neutral PH balance so it would not cause any damage to the system, then a chemical inhibitor will be added to prevent further corrosion in the heating system.

To book in a power flush, install your own magnaclean filter or if you simply require more information, please feel free to submit your job form below. We can get you a competitive price for your central heating power flush and even provide you with a free chemical inhibitor to prevent your heating system from corroding quickly.

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