How to Flush a Heating System

When thinking ‘ how to flush a heating system ’, bear in mind a power flush is advised to be done by a qualified and competent engineer preferably gas safe registered, otherwise you can cause more harm to your heating system than good. How to flush a heating system can be complex and flushing your heating system consists of flushing water along with chemicals into your heating system at low pressure and high velocity so as not to cause any damage or too much disruption to your heating system.

A power flush is designed to eliminate as much sludge as possible in your heating system. Over a period of time, sludge in your heating system can build up. This is caused by corroded radiator pipes and radiators which omit magnetic and non magnetic debris into your heating system which in turn builds up, becoming sludge. The sludge that builds up can then block the main parts in your heating system affecting its efficiency and causing various problems in your heating system including your boiler.

Often, people choose to have a MagnaClean filter installed after their power flush in order to protect their power flush investment. A MagnaClean Filter filters through any debris that becomes loose again after the power flush and prevents the water from becoming contaminated again.

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Power Flush