How to Drain a Radiator System

At Gas Boilers Servicing we are experts at how to drain a radiator system. Many people nowadays are wary about getting things serviced, as they believe that it is sometimes cheaper to replace something than to get it repaired. This is however not true of your central heating system. New boilers can cost thousands of pounds to buy and install. At Gas Boilers Servicing we strongly believe that getting a power flush is an investment. By spending a little money now you can be confident that you will be protecting the life of your boiler. It will in fact only take the time for your next fuel bill to arrive for you to begin to see a return in your investment! So if you are interested in making a sound investment today Gas Boilers Servicing is the company for you.

Many people believe that they know how to drain a radiator system themselves; however, the process should always be undertaken by a fully qualified heating engineer. The machinery to complete a power flush is very specialist and expensive. At Gas Boiler Services we strive to use only the highest quality machinery for draining radiators. The Kamco and MagnaClean machines are both renowned in the industry for their superiority. In fact the MagnaClean professional is celebrated for removing almost 100% of suspended magnetic fragments!

Gas Boilers Servicing offers you first class service. Not only are our engineers educated experts, with full professional training of how to drain a radiator system, but they receive ongoing training throughout their careers. This means that you can rest assured that the service we are providing is the most up to date as possible.

So if you wish for further information on how to drain a radiator system or to book an appointment with Gas Boiler Servicing please call us on……..and we will be happy to answer whatever questions or queries you may have.

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