How to do a Radiator Flush

At Gas Boilers Services we are constantly asked by people how to do a radiator flush. This article will aim to clearly explain the process and outline some of the benefits that come with a power flush.

Firstly, it is important to know that a radiator flush is best carried out by a fully qualified engineer. A power flush may initially appear to be a simple procedure, but if the proper machinery is not used the process can be very messy. Moreover, without fully understanding how to do a radiator flush you could make the problem worse rather than better. All of our skilled engineers at Gas Boilers Servicing undergo extensive and ongoing training to make sure that their knowledge is up to date. They are very experienced, doing this process on a daily basis.

In order to carry out a radiator flush one of our engineers will connect a powerful Kamco machine to your heating system at either the boiler, the trails of a radiator or a standard circulator pump coupling.  Next, a solution comprised of water and chemicals will be flushed through the system at a high velocity and low pressure to dissolve any sludge and then wash it away. The Kamco machine will flush water and cleansing chemicals at a high velocity through the whole system, but at a low pressure. This will ensure that your pipes are thoroughly cleansed but not damaged by the process. As we flush the mixture through each radiator one at a time we ensure that each individual radiator is fully removed of sludge. After your radiators have been cleaned out our engineers can fit a magnetic filter to prevent particles building in the future and ensure that your radiators remain sludge free.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea about how to do a radiator flush. In order to make arranging a power flush more convenient for you and save you any inconvenience we offer a key collection and drop off service to a different address within a 5 mile radius of where the job will be carried out. To find out how to do a radiator flush in greater detail or get a free quotation today please contact us today by calling us on……or email us on….

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