Heating and Plumbing

There is nothing worse than your heating and plumbing systems working poorly. Not being able to quickly and easily heat your home, or being unsure if there will be enough hot water available for you to do the washing up, is a huge inconvenience. If your boiler breaks down completely it can be very expensive, costing thousands to buy and install a new one. Luckily, Gas Boilers Servicing is here to help you rectify all of your heating and plumbing problems. Moreover, our skilled engineers can show you what you can do to prevent them occurring in the future.

At Gas Boilers Servicing we know that our customers are interested in saving money, especially in this harsh economic climate. We can help you to cut your fuel bills and delay the date at which you will have to replace your current central heating system. By having one of our specialist engineers give your system a power flush and install a MagnaClean filter you can stop the build up of harmful sludge in your pipes. Furthermore, the filter will prevent it from accumulating again, effectively protecting your system. Clean pipes mean that your heating and plumbing system will be able to work successfully once more. Cold spots on your radiators, leaking pipes, clunking and banging noises from your boiler will be a bad memory in the past.

We are proud to announce that we offer a fast turn around service for our heating and plumbing jobs of between 24 – 48 hours. Gas Boilers Servicing strives hard to bring you best possible price and we often have special offers available.

At Gas Boilers Servicing we offer a range of related services including gas safety certificates, carbon monoxide alarms and boiler servicing. So to book an appointment today to fix your heating and plumbing problems, or to find out more about what Gas Boilers Services can do for you please give us a call on….

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