Gas Cookers Installation

Are you in need of a gas cookers installation? Have you been recommended cheaper rate engineers by friends or wider family? Although their recommendations may be well meaning; the tempting choice of cheap gas cookers installation is not always the safest. In today’s current economic climate, naturally homeowners are looking for cheap deals to get gas cookers installation done and there is an increasing number of independent and unqualified engineers willing to service this market.

An article on the Gas Safety charity website discusses this important issue and references Gas Safe Register’s national investigations manager Phil Brewster. He states that: “Money may be tight so it’s understandable that people ask around for recommendations in the hope of getting a good job done. But with 250,000 illegal gas jobs done every year by cowboys, it’s shocking that five times as many people would hire a gas engineer simply on trust rather than checking they’re safe, legal and Gas Safe registered.” In correspondence to the research carried out for Gas Safe Register,  it was found that one in three (39%) people would trust a tradesman to do their gas work purely on recommendation.

By employing what Brewster terms as a ‘cowboy’ or an unregistered engineer you may very well be placing the lives of yourself and your family at risk. At Fitting a Cooker, we suggest you leave the cowboys in the Wild West and ensure that your engineer is a registered with the Gas Safe organisation. We at Fitting a Cooker pride ourselves on our sourced qualified and experienced engineers who have carried out numerous gas cookers installation.

Although certified engineers are the more costly choice, the cost is not without justification after all the value of safety is priceless.

Gas Cooker Installation