Gas Cooker Connection

Are you looking to install your gas cooker? If so, it is important to note that a gas cooker connection is a job that should only be performed by trained and qualified engineers. If the task is not completed successfully, it may leave you at serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is inherently a very insidious poisonous gas, as it cannot be detected by human sight or smell. Symptoms of carbon monoxide include dizziness, chest pains, intoxication, and seizures. Disturbingly, carbon monoxide is one of the biggest household killers taking the lives of nearly 300 people a year.

Health officials maintain that the primary cause of carbon monoxide incidents is a result of an inadequate gas cooker connection. A statement from the official NHS website supports this, claiming that: “Household appliances, such as cooking and heating devices, that are incorrectly installed and badly maintained are the main causes of accidental exposure to carbon monoxide. Provided that household appliances are correctly fitted, used safely and well maintained, they should produce very little CO gas.”

Subsequently, medical advisers advocate the recruitment of professional engineers to ensure a technically correct gas cooker connection. Furthermore, we here at Fitting a Cooker only liaise with engineers that have been awarded with a Gas safety certificate. Allowing you as a client can remain at ease and be content with the knowledge that our engineers can confidently fit your gas cooker connection.

Fitting a Cooker services operate London, Greater London, Middlesex, Surrey and the Kent area. Additionally if you wish to book an appointment we can arrange one for you within a 48 hour period after your initial call.

Gas Cooker Installation