Gas Cooker Connection in M25

Are you currently redecorating your kitchen? Or you have just upgraded your cooker, then you are likely in need of a gas cooker connection. Otherwise referred to as a gas cooker installation; a gas cooker connection requires the expertise of industry professionals as often it can be a tricky process when it comes to gas fuelled appliances. Factors that can hinder the gas cooker connection process include the engineer not ensuring that the area is properly ventilated and that the bayonet fixture hasn’t been secured to the gas supply correctly.

An improper gas cooker connection can cause the appliance to break down or not function at all and lethally of all- an unsecured gas cooker connection can cause a gas leak within the home and release poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Interestingly, carbon monoxide is often dubbed as ‘the silent killer’. This name can be attributed to the nature of CO because it is colourless, tasteless and invisible to the naked eye. Not only is the invisible nature of this gas threatening but its non-specific symptoms such as headaches and drowsiness can also be related to the flu making it difficult to diagnose.

These horrifying aspects of carbon monoxide can be prevented by taking the safest option for a gas cooker connection.When it comes to safety it is highly recommended that the gas cooker connection is executed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Gas Safe is the UK regulatory body when it comes to individuals working with domestic and commercial gas related appliances.
Our engineers are all Gas Safe registered professionals and are based across areas of Kent, Surrey, Greater London and Middlesex so we are able to reach you wherever you may be located.


Gas Cooker Installation