Gas Boiler Service

If you are a landlord then it is a legal requirement to have a gas boiler service in order to ensure the safety of your tenants. At Gas Boiler Servicing all of our expert engineers are fully qualified to provide a gas boiler service for combi boilers, gas system boilers, conventional boilers and back boilers. Rest assured that our engineers are extremely experienced and capable of servicing any make of boiler. By having your boiler regularly serviced small problems can be easily dealt with to prevent them from escalating into larger issues. The cost of a service is only a small figure compared to having to buying expensive parts to repair your boiler, or even spending thousands to purchase a whole new heating system.

Some people do not consider a gas boiler service to be essential. However, if you fail to properly maintain your central heating system then you are exposing yourself to allowing small problems to compromising the safety and capacity of your boiler. Furthermore, it can be dangerous to ignore a boiler service, as carbon monoxide poisoning can in severe cases be fatal. During a gas boiler service one of our heating engineers will thoroughly check your system for any leaks or signs that the metal is corroding. They shall also ensure that the gas pressure is correct and that and the controls are working properly. If your system isn’t functioning effectively they may advise you to have a power flush to clean out your system of harmful limescale, iron oxide (rust) and sludge. This debris must be removed if your system is to function at full capacity. By having a power flush you can save money on your energy bills.

If having a fast, efficient and friendly service is something that appeals to you then please do not hesitate to contact us today to receive your free quotation for a gas boiler service. Or if you have any further questions or queries one of our expert advisors will be more than happy to answer them.

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