Flush Radiators

Are you tired of waiting ages for your radiators to heat up, or do you often have a poor supply of hot water? Is the water from your radiators a dirty yellow/ brown colour when bled? Are you scared by the strange banging and clanking sounds which appear to come from your boiler? Have you noticed your radiators leaking, or are you forced to frequently vent them? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions it is vital that you immediately call Gas Boilers Servicing in order to arrange a power flushing. This is a very popular service we offer specifically designed to flush radiators.

To effectively flush radiators you will need to contact one of our expert engineers who work right across London, Middlesex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Surrey. They will be happy to connect their special Kamco power flushing machine to your system. The machine is connected at either the tails of a radiator, the boiler or a standard circulator pump coupling. Our skilled engineers will then proceed to flush water and cleansing chemicals at a high velocity through the whole system, but at a low pressure rate so as not to damage your pipes. To flush radiators takes between four and eight hours, and our helpful staff will be happy to arrange for this to happen at a time which is convenient for you. Moreover, they will clean up fully after the process, leaving your home neat and tidy.

If you successfully flush your radiators you will not only be allowing your heating system to act at its maximum capacity but will be rewarded by seeing your fuel bills instantly lowered. At Gas Boilers Servicing we do more than simply flush radiators, to find out more about the various other services we provide please contact us by……

Power Flushing