Floor Plans: How Useful Are They?

You may ask ‘floor plans: How useful are they?’. Floor Plans have become a common occurrence over the last few years and are growing in popularity rapidly. It is a widely held consensus amongst those in the property industry with a majority of estate agents, landlords, property sellers, prospective purchasers and tenants all seeing the benefits of floor plans for a marketed property. It is worth a look, therefore, at the benefits which are gained from having a floor plan and the reason why they have become a standard feature in property deals.

One of the main advantages you have when a floor plan is produced is that you are attracting more online views of your property. The reason behind this is simple; you are making life easier for the prospective purchaser or tenant. The floor plan will provide visual information and lead to viewers seeing potential changes they may like to make should they continue the purchasing or letting process. This will not only reduce the time you spend on fruitless viewings but increase the amount of time you spend negotiating with and displaying your property for genuinely interested parties.

You will also be able to stand out from the competition should you produce a 3D floor plan instead of a 2D floor plan. The 2D floor plan is essentially a technical drawing of your property and specifies details such as room dimensions, the number of rooms, windows, doors, staircases etc. which is all useful information to provide to clients. A 3D floor plan takes this idea but turns it into a much more vivid and impressive interpretation of the property and really places whoever views the document, whether it is part of a digital or printed advertisement, in the property itself. It essentially takes the value of the standard photograph and combines it comprehensively with the technical details of the 2D floor plan, providing an intricate and attractive insight into the building for any prospective purchaser or tenant.

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