Floor Plans and their Value

Are you a property owner who is struggling to achieve a sale or attract tenants? Given the recent recession and the continuing economic instability, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell or rent a property in the current market. There is an answer to your problems, however, and that is to include a well-designed Floor Plan with any advertisements you place. Floor Plans and their Value is high. The importance of the Floor Plan has sky-rocketed in recent years and they have become a vital element to the successful marketing of a property.

In an excellent article on Switzer.com.au, John McGrath highlights the importance of having a Floor Plan by saying that:

“…floor plans are becoming a standard inclusion in marketing campaigns. Ten years ago, you’d never see a floor plan on a website advertisement or on the back of a brochure. Today, they’re as critical as the photos.

Floor Plans and their Value are fast becoming a necessity in the property industry. The reason for this is very simple. When you include a Floor Plan in your advert, you are essentially giving the potential purchaser or tenant a sneak peak or preview of the property. This means that you are reducing the number of people who are looking for other sized properties and attracting those who are looking for properties with your specifications. In other words, you are streamlining your target audience and impressing those who are most likely to buy or rent your property.

There are also further benefits to having a professional Floor Plan. One of the main, and undervalued, advantages of providing a Floor Plan with an online advert is that you can attract offers from all over the world. The internet has revolutionised the way we live and more and more people are buying properties online without ever stepping foot inside the door. John McGrath highlights this fact in the same article on Switzer.com.au when he relays his experience of this situation.

I recently received an email from a client in Dubai who commented how hard it was to buy property without seeing a floor plan. She subsequently spotted a property online but there was no floor plan, so the agent drew one himself, scanned it and emailed it to her. She bought the property two days later.

This proves Floor Plans and their Value os recognised. Customers are placing faith in Floor Plans and if you do not have one, you are missing out.

There are two differing styles of Floor Plan which you should consider using to compliment your adverts. The 2D Floor Plan is a basic technical drawing and gives a view not unlike that of a Cluedo board. You are given the outline of the rooms, the number of rooms, room dimensions, corridors etc. but with the advantage of being drawn to scale. This means everything you see on the plan is where it actually is in the property. A 3D Floor Plan takes this premise a step further and adds much more detail and imagery to present a Floor Plan which has the same technical details but includes the visual elements of a photograph. This gives the most amount of detail presented in one simple document which is sure to impress any potential purchaser or tenant.

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