Floor Plan Value for Estate Agents

A Floor Plan is becoming an essential document in aiding the quick and successful sale of properties. Floor Plan Value for Estate Agents is high. This is an opinion held nearly industry wide and is shared by many clients on both sides of the negotiating table. As an Estate Agent, your success depends on the selling of properties quickly and professionally and a Floor Plan is a useful tool in achieving this goal for a variety of different reasons.

Primarily a Floor Plan is a great document for saving time. If either you or your client has a Floor Plan of the property you are trying to sell or let, you will cut down the frequency of viewings from people who are not completely convinced of the property such as when they like the area or road the property is located in but dislike the interior design or layout. Subsequently they do not make an offer and you have essentially wasted time which could have been used elsewhere. If you had a Floor Plan, however, whether it is a 2D Floor Plan or a 3D Floor Plan, and supply this alongside any advertisement you have placed on websites, brochures or newspaper advertisements etc. then you will drastically reduce the amount of time lost in this manner. You will then start to find that you are only conducting viewings for people who have seen enough details to be motivated to make an offer which in turn will also make the selling or letting of the property easier to achieve.

Another reason floor plan value for estate agents is high is because if you have supplied a Floor Plan as part of an online advertisement then you will also be expanding your market and attracting offers from a far greater distance than you would do otherwise. The Floor Plan, in this instance, can act as a complete replacement for a viewing where distance would make one impossible to achieve. This is especially true of 3D Floor Plans because they include the technical details and dimensions of the property as well as the same visual aids which photographs can provide.

As it is in your interest as an Estate Agent to both expand the interest which your property attracts and save valuable time which could be spent selling or letting other properties, fill out our online form to request a Floor Plan. My London Tradesman will then contact companies on your behalf and return with up to 3 quotes. This will leave you free to make an informed decision regarding the best tradesman to employ based on the quotes you have received.

Floor Plan Value for Estate Agents is extremely high.All of the tradesmen we use have received up to date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. We only use reputable and trustworthy tradesmen.

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