Fit a Gas Hob

If you’ve just purchased a new gas hob, or you are looking to replace an old one then we can most definitely help you fit a gas hob we understand that it can be a very daunting notion being faced with a gas appliance that needs to be installed especially considering the dangers of gas appliances that are not installed correctly. If an engineer does not fit a gas hob properly then the primary danger of this fault is a gas explosion.

In addition to this an improper fixture can also result in gas leaks which emit Carbon Monoxide gas. Once carbon monoxide has been breathed in, it replaces the oxygen in the blood, thus killing off cells and starving vital organs of oxygen. As Carbon Monoxide is lighter than oxygen the toxic gas seeps into the bloodstream even faster than oxygen. It is important to note that when carbon monoxide is ingested the short-term symptoms that appear are very similar to the flu. Moreover, as the gas is odourless, tasteless and colourless, this makes it even more difficult to determine what is causing the illness.

Not only are you at risk of short-term effects gas leaks through an incorrect gas hob installation but the long term effects include: brain damage, major organ and cognitive problems. In the worst case death is a final consequence of carbon monoxide poisoning.

To make sure that your appliance is free from risk of gas leaks it is important that you fit a gas hob properly. And the only way to do this is to hire a professional. If you get an industry tradesman to fit a gas hob you can rest at ease knowing that the job has been done properly. At Fitting a Cooker all of our Engineers are Gas Safe trained so put you and your family at risk of CO poisoning?

Gas Hob Installation