Double Oven Installation

A double oven installation doesn’t have to be double the trouble. When you hire a knowledgeable and experienced engineer the fitting process is a lot less hassle for you as a customer. When it comes to gas fixtures it is illegal for anyone in the UK to undertake a gas related job without accreditation from the Gas Safe board. This qualification is not intended to give the individual an arbitrary status. But in fact, the Gas Safe certification represents months of intensive academic and practical training. This is why it is strongly recommended that you employ a Gas Safe engineer to carry out your double oven installation.
With a double oven installation having a correct fitting requires for specific measurements and precautions to be taken.

Before installing your range on linoleum or any other synthetic floor covering, make sure the floor covering can resist 180°F(82°C) without shrinking, warping or discolouring  Do not install the range over carpeting unless a sheet of 1/4” thick plywood or similar insulator is placed between the range and carpeting. Furthermore, you must make sure you are supplying your range with the type of gas for which it is configured. If it is not the correct gas supply for your range a conversion process must be carried out by a professional.

As you can probably gage from the above paragraph, the double oven installation process is not to be executed by the untrained individual. The installation requires a keen eye for detail and experience with double oven appliances. Luckily you don’t have to look to far for either one of these qualities, as our Gas Safe trained engineers have the knowledge and experience to confidently complete a double oven installation. So what are you waiting for? Fitting a Cooker operate in areas of London, Middlesex, Greater London, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Gas Oven Installation