Do you have a Noisy Boiler?

Have you ever noticed your boiler making strange banging or knocking noises, known as ‘kettling’? Most people ignore this problem, believing that these noises are an inventible part of their boiler getting older. However, you don’t simply have to accept the problem, as a noisy boiler can in most cases be fixed by giving your system a power flush.

A noisy boiler usually occurs when your heating system has become coated with sludge, rust and magnetic debris. A power flush can help remove this debris, which can block your radiator pipes and prevent them from working at full capacity. If left untreated this sludge can seriously affect the quality of your heating system, leading to higher fuel bills.

Power flushing radiators can reduce the risk of breakdowns and help to increase the life span of your central heating system. Replacing your boiler can be expensive, costing thousands to buy and install a new boiler. After giving your boiler a power flush Gas Boiler Servicing strongly recommends installing a MagnaClean filter to help protect your system from the future build-up of magnetic debris.

At Gas Boilers Services our engineers are all reliable and punctual. However, if for any unforeseen circumstances they happen to be running late they will instantly call you to let you know about the delay.

If you are concerned about a noisy boiler then why not give Gas Boiler Servicing a call today and one of our obliging team members will be more than happy to give you a free quotation. We strive hard to bring you best possible price and often have special offers available.

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