Disconnect a Gas Cooker

As simple as it may sound, disconnecting a gas cooker is not a task that should be undertaken by untrained individuals. If you wish to disconnect a gas cooker, it is highly recommended that this procedure is done by a Gas Safe qualified engineer. This is because the engineer will be able to remove the bayonet fitting from the gas supply whilst ensuring that there are no gas leaks being emitted, as this can prove to be fatal.

You wouldn’t want an unlicensed mechanic operating on your car, or an unqualified doctor advising you on your symptoms. The same principal applies if you need to disconnect a gas cooker. If you neglect to employ a Gas Safe certified engineer to disconnect a gas cooker not only do your actions pose a danger to yourself and your family but it is also illegal. This is because by law, if any individual works with gas then they must be approved by the Gas Safe board to ensure that they have the knowledge and awareness to be able to work on gas appliances.

When an engineer begins to disconnect a gas cooker he or she must take precautions before the disconnection. It is strongly recommended that the gas valve is turned off and also tapped down to make sure that it is not reopened accidently. They bayonet must then be disconnected from the hose and gas supply. Notably, it is very important that the appliance is checked for gas leaks once the disconnection has been completed.

As you can see the nature of a gas cooker disconnection is meticulous and requires a sharp eye for detail. This is why it is always recommended that you employ a Gas Safe registered engineer to disconnect a gas cooker.

Disconnecting a Gas Cooker