Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is very similar to a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate, but features much more detail in its report and investigation. It is a mandatory and legal requirement for any property, whether commercial or domestic, to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate prior to marketing for sale or let, with substantial fines for anyone who fails to produce a valid certificate. Such fines can reach up to £5000 depending upon the value of the property, and you will still be required to have and pay the costs of the EPC, have the EPC produced, as well as paying the fine.

The Commercial Energy Performance Certificate covers the same areas as the Domestic EPC, with the added advantage of taking into account elements which are not featured in the Domestic assessment. Such details include property dimensions, heating, cooling, lighting and glazing as well as the construction fabrics and characteristics of the building. Depending on the size and dimensions of the building you are obtaining the energy performance certificate for, it can take anything from 1 to 3 hours to complete the assessment.

For the Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a 5 page document is produced with the energy efficiency rated on a scale from A (being the most efficient) to G (being the least efficient) and this will indicate how energy efficient the property is. It will also feature technical information such as the main type of fuel the building utilises, total useful floor space, as well as compare the property’s energy rating to other buildings of the same type.

Buildings that would require a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)are properties which are used as restaurants, cafes, electrical retailers, dentists, clothes shops etc. The time period in which EPCs must now be produced by has changed since April of this year, and the Government have specified that one must be obtained within 7 days of the property being marketed, with a possible 21 day extension if all reasonable measures were taken but did not result in a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate being produced. It is recommended to update your EPC whenever you undertake improvements to your property which will affect the energy performance rating such as installation of double glazing, insulation, or adding or removing rooms from the building.

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