Chemical Flush Central Heating

Chemical flush central heating is a simple process which can really benefit your heating system in the long run. Often, central heating problems can be caused by constant sludge build up in your heating system which blocks heating parts, wears away at components and more. With a chemical flush central heating, you can eliminate these factors and prevent sludge from affecting your heating system and causing breakdowns.

Usual symptoms of sludge in your heating system includes noisy boilers, cold spots on radiators, cold radiators, rattling radiators, heating taking long periods of time to heat up and more! You can always check if your heating system has sludge in it by simply draining a bit of your central heating system’s water and looking at the colour of it. If it is clear, it is fine; however, if it is grey, black, orange or brown, then it definitely is contaminated by sludge. After a power flush, the engineer should show you that the water is clear, proving that the power flush has been successful.

Based on the age of your heating system, sometimes your radiators are so worn, that after a power flush, the water can become dirty again and sludge can re-build. In this case, it is wise for you to make sure after you power flush, you install a magnaclean filter. The Magnaclean filter filters your central heating system water and catches any debris or metallic debris preventing it from re-entering the heating system, keeping the water clear. With a magnaclean filter, you will never need to re do your power flush and the filter is easy to clean. It has a detachable compartment which holds all of the debris which you can just empty. Remember, a Magnaclean filter should only be installed after a chemical flush central heating.

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