Checking your Gas Flue System

Checking your gas flue system is vital. A gas flue system is the pipework that takes fumes away from an appliance and provides fresh air for gas to burn correctly. Sometimes it is hidden behind walls or ceilings and cannot be inspected due to being hidden. This situation has been more likely, but not exclusively, in flats and apartments built since 2000. Any safety concerns with the gas flue system therefore cannot be recognised and could be dangerous. This does not apply to ‘open flues’, such as brick chimneys serving gas fires. If the appliance is situated on an external wall, it is unlikely the type of flue system that is affected is present.

Engineers, when checking your gas flue system, must be registered under Gas Safe. They need to be able to see the flue system, as well as testing appliances,as part of safety inspections. If both an appliance and a flue system are not working adequately, this could result in carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning which can cause serious injury or death. Whether you or a landlord owns the property and it is affected by the issue of a hidden gas flue system, discussions will need to be made to fit inspection hatches. This does not automatically mean that the flue system is unsafe. If the property is one or two years old, it is recommended to get in touch with a builder to get inspection hatches fitted.

In order to start the process of checking your gas flue system, please submit your desired job on My London Tradesmen and you will receive up to three quotes from three different companies best suited to your requirements. All tradesmen that are suggested to you are trustworthy, receive up-to-date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. The steps to take are simple, in order for your gas flue system to be safely fitted and visible for inspections in your home.