Central Heating Services, North London

When thinking of central heating services. A power flush system is a system that has been power flushed using a power flush machine and chemicals. To have a power flush system, you need to ensure you have a competent and qualified engineer power flush your heating system properly. During a power flush, the engineer will connect the power flush machine to one end of your heating system and flush each radiator in turn ensuring the sludge is flushed out and only clear water is left running.

In central heating services, sludge is created by corroded radiators and pipes in the heating system shedding bits which travel through the heating system and build up. Once this bits build up it creates the sludge which becomes stuck in one place in your heating system. This can often block main parts in your heating system preventing it from working efficiently and causing heating problems.

A lot of people opt to have a Magnaclean filter installed during their central heating services without having a power flush system. A MagnaClean Filter collects all of the loose sludge travelling through your heating system preventing it from being a problem in the heating system and building up. However, a Magnaclean is ineffective if a power flush has not been carried out previous to the installation. This is because there would already be a build up of sludge in the heating system which is causing the problems so you need to remove these sludge build ups before you install a magnaclean filter. The MagnaClean Filter will then collect any future corroded particles, maintaining the sludge free water in your heating system.

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