Central Heating Power Flush

Over 50% of the homes in the UK are in need of a central heating power flush. There are a number of warning signs that your central heating system requires a power flush. These include cold spots on your radiator, an inconsistent supply of hot water, your boiler cutting out or small leaks coming from your radiators.  At Gas Boilers Services we can help you stop these problems and get your boiler working at its maximum capacity once again.

A central heating power flush will help to remove any deposits which have built up on your pipes over time, including sludge, rust and limescale. This sediment blocks your pipes and once removed by one of our expert engineers will allow water to circulate freely once again. It can be corrosive if left to accumulate and can severely reduce the life of your boiler. By connecting a machine to your system one of our expert engineers at Gas Boiler Servicing will pump water and chemicals through your system, dislodging the sludge and debris that has built up. A central heating power flush is a quick and stress free process, usually taking between four and eight hours, so can easily be fitted around even the busiest schedules.

All of our professional engineers at Gas Boiler Servicing receive the latest training to guarantee that their knowledge is completely up-to-date. Moreover, they are trained to fully clean up after a central heating power flush, leaving your home in exactly the same condition in which they found it. At Gas Boiler Servicing we are so confident in the quality of our services that we offer a 12 month warranty with every power flush we undertake.

At Gas Boiler Servicing we cover all areas of London and the surrounding areas, including Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire and Middlesex. We are dedicated to protecting your heating system and also offer you the option of installing a MagnaClean filter after we have completed a central heating power flush as a further method of protection. By installing a MagnaClean filter both magnetic and non magnetic particles can be removed from your system, ensuring that it continues to function at its greatest efficiency. A MagnaClean filter is a low maintenance piece of equipment and our helpful and polite engineers can easily show you how to clean it yourself.

Central Heating Flush