Central Heating Magnetic Cleaner

 We all rely on our central heating systems and with rising fuel prices it is becoming more essential than ever to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible. Buying and installing a new central heating system is a time consuming, expensive, and often stressful process. At Gas Boilers Servicing we use a central heating magnetic cleaner to ensure that your central heating system is protected and to help increase its life span. Boilers with a central heating magnetic cleaner work up to 60% longer than those which remain unprotected.

 It only takes a small amount of magnetic debris to build up to prevent the smooth running of your central heating system and reduce its efficiency. By installing a central heating magnetic cleaner you can help stop the buildup of this harmful debris. This prevents expensive problems such as cold radiators or the build up of sludge from occurring. Gas Boilers Servicing use a central heating magnetic cleaner called MagnaClean. This is the professionally acknowledged best product on the market, and is effective for maintaining both newly installed and older existing systems. MagnaClean starts working immediately after it is installed, and its revolutionary filtration device works for both magnetic and non-magnetic debris. Moreover, MagnaClean has been designed to last the lifetime of your boiler, making it the clear cost effective method of protecting your financial investment. All of our professional engineers at Gas Boilers Servicing are fully trained and have extensive experience at installing central heating magnetic cleaners. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we have high levels of customer satisfaction. At Gas Boilers Servicing we appreciate that your time is valuable and our engineers are happy to accommodate your schedule and work at a time that is most convenient for you. To find out further information about central heating magnetic cleaner or any of our other services please contact us on….

Magnaclean Filter