Cavity Wall insulation

Cavity Wall insulation can help you to save money by helping your house to prevent any loss of heat and this in the long run will lower your energy bills. The reduction in heat loss is caused by cavity filling the air space with a porous material. This results in the air within the cavity being immobilised. Other benefits that you may not have known about are that cavity wall insulation helps to reduce carbon dioxide; one of the main greenhouse gases which can come from things that are in your home.

The government has introduced schemes that can help towards the cost of cavity wall insulation. If you are over 70 or you are on benefits you could be entitled to free or reduced cavity wall insulation. If you are paying for the full cost of insulation, you will find prices will usually start at a reasonable price. Not all properties are suitable for cavity wall insulation and certain factors can prevent you from being able to get insulation. These include: You already have insulation, you live in a housing property and you live in Northern Ireland. Many companies offer a free survey of your property and an appointment is usually easy to arrange on their website.

There are a number of advantages for landlords and home owners with installing insulation into a house. For a landlord and homeowner, it can save tenants money on heating bills, the rating on the energy performance certificate will be increased, the value of the property will increase and it can also help to reduce damp which can be caused by condensation.

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