Can I Install My Gas Cooker Myself?

This question is posted repeatedly on forums and internet networks. There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the legality issues and the technical knowledge that it requires to install a gas cooker. Technically it is possible for an individual to install a gas cooker on their own accord; however did you know that it is actually illegal for any untrained individual to undertake any gas related work without accreditation from the Gas Safety board?

You might be wondering who are the Gas Safety board? And why should I care? If you are considering undertaking the gas cooker installation process on your own or from an unlicensed engineer in order to save on costs it is important to have an awareness of the legalities you will be obstructing and why it is always recommended to use a gas safe engineer in the interest of you and your family’s safety.

The Gas Safe register is the governing body in the UK in relation to gas work professionals. If an engineer has not undertaken Gas Safe training but continues to work on gas related jobs then this means that they are working illegally and will not have the necessary training that it takes to connect, disconnect or service a gas cooker. This lack of qualification means that you could be left at risk of gas leaks and an improper gas cooker fitting which would greatly affect the performance of your appliance.

We understand that in a period of economical hardship the notion of ‘doing it yourself’ becomes even more appealing however are the risks really worth saving some money? With Fitting a Cooker you don’t have to pay an excessive amount for a premium service we value our clientele and understand that times are tough when it comes to finances. So we offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of work that you will get.

Gas Cooker Installation