Boiler Servicing Benefits

Boiler servicing is an essential course of action if you and your family are to be shielded from the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you are suffering from drowsiness, headaches and/or nausea then there may very well be a serious problem with your boiler, which may be leaking harmful gases. To eliminate the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, an annual boiler service is highly recommended. This is one of the Boiler Servicing Benefits

Boiler Servicing Benefits is not limited to possibly fixing leaks within the boiler. Other faults, such as a noisy boiler and regular drops in pressure, can also be sorted through a boiler service. Other signs that a boiler service may be required are; an irregular boiler flame that appears orange rather than blue, the build up of soot on the appliance and the pilot light going out repeatedly. If you notice any of these faults, don’t wait until your next annual boiler service is due. Seek the assistance of My London Tradesmen immediately.

Failure to book a regular boiler service, as earlier mentioned, may lead to the leaking of poisonous gases. There is also the extreme likelihood that your entire boiler will need replacing. Boiler servicing will be significantly cheaper than the cost of labour and call out charges in the event of a complete breakdown. The service will ensure a warm and comfortable winter for you and your family and will eliminate any other immediate boiler maintenance work.

The boiler servicing procedure consists of a thorough inspection of your boiler and a clean-up process that looks to mend any major or minor faults. Any gas leaks will be repaired and the burning operating pressure will be re-set to that on the data level. It is important to note that only Gas Safe Register approved engineers are qualified to service gas related appliances. Your safety is a priority and therefore annual boiler servicing is an absolute necessity. In addition to securing your health, boiler servicing benefits include a much more efficient central heating system. This will save you significant amounts on energy bills and prevent the need for costly repairs in the future. Just fill out our online form and My London Tradesmen will send you 3 quotes. The final decision as to who you employ is all yours.