Boiler Services – The Facts

At My London Tradesmen we quote you the very best engineers who specialize in providing boiler services. Many homeowners are unaware of the dire circumstances that can materialize as a result of failing to get your boiler serviced. Winter has begun and it is recommended that all our customers look to avoid these. Why then is it so crucial to arrange a boiler service? Here are the facts.

Boiler services are essentially arrangements to get your boiler inspected, cleaned up and, if necessary, fixed. In the half hour service, all components are to be checked; including the controls, heat exchanger and boiler ignition. You may be in need of a boiler service if; there has been a build-up of soot on your appliance, your boiler flames are burning a different colour to usual or your boiler fan has been making unusual noises. The procedure looks to check for any faults, which if left undetected may provoke your boiler into completely breaking down. This will absorb a great deal of money and energy on your behalf and is best left avoided. Perhaps the most urgent matter at hand is the potential of your boiler leaking harmful gases. Carbon monoxide poisoning, as the result of these gas leaks, can be extremely lethal and can even lead to death. These are just a handful of reasons why you should look to book a boiler service.

All of the tradesmen we quote who specialize in providing boiler services are fully trained, highly experienced and totally committed to their job. We will quote you with up three different engineers upon completion of our online form, where you will need to include specific details of the job. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours. My London Tradesmen promises to quote only the very best providers of boiler services so your satisfaction is a guarantee.